Religion Major

Requirements for the Concentration:

A minimum of 11 units, including RELI 200. Three seminars are required (two 300-level courses and the RELI 300 - Senior Seminar). Students are required to take RELI 200 by the end of their junior year and it is highly recommended that they take these courses in their sophomore year. Students are expected to pursue a program of study marked by both breadth and depth. Of the 11 units required for the concentration, normally no more than two may be at the 100-level. However, students may petition for an additional 100-level course to be counted toward the concentration. No more than 1 unit of fieldwork and/or independent study courses may count toward the concentration. After declaring a concentration in Religion, no courses taken under the Non-Recorded Option serve to fulfill the requirements.

Senior-year Requirements:

All Seniors are required to take RELI 300 - Senior Seminar, in the Fall semester of their senior year.

Thesis Option:

If a senior elects to do a thesis and has departmental approval they can do so by completing RELI 301. The thesis option is a year-long undertaking and should develop the work begun in the Senior Seminar. Students who complete a thesis are eligible for departmental honors. The Senior Seminar receives a letter grade. The Senior Thesis is graded Distinction, Satisfactory, or Unsatisfactory. Petitions for exemption from these requirements, granted only in special circumstances, must be submitted to the chair in writing by the first day of classes in the A semester of the senior year.