Philosophy Major

Requirements for Concentration:

The Philosophy major requires a total of 12 units.


Majors must take two 100 level courses, one of which must be:



Majors must take:

and also one course from each of the following:

Cluster 1:
Cluster 2:
Cluster 3:


Three 300-level seminars, two of which must be differently numbered. The department will not entertain any requests to count a seminar under a number different from the one it is assigned in the curriculum.

PHIL 300 - Senior Thesis-PHIL 301 - Senior Thesis is optional. Majors will consult with their faculty advisor about opting to write a senior thesis. Students who choose not to do a senior thesis will take an upper-level course instead (i.e., a 200-level or 300-level course).

NRO Policy:

After the declaration of major, no required philosophy courses may be elected NRO.


Individual programs should be designed, in consultation with a faculty advisor, to give the student a representative acquaintance with major traditions in philosophy, competence in the skills of philosophic investigation and argument, and opportunities for exploration in areas of special interest. Students considering a concentration in philosophy are advised to take PHIL 101 or PHIL 102 early in their careers. German, French, and Greek are languages of particular importance in Western philosophy; Chinese will be of special interest to those taking PHIL 110, PHIL 210, or PHIL 350.