Physics Correlate Sequence

Correlate Sequence in Physics:

Students majoring in other programs may elect a correlate sequence in physics.

The requirements for this correlate sequence consist of 4 units of physics above the introductory level (PHYS 113/PHYS 114 or equivalent), one of which must be from PHYS 320, 341, or 375, or for students selecting the Physics Correlate with Teaching Emphasis described below, PHYS 399. No courses elected NRO can be counted towards the correlate sequence. All physics correlate sequences must be approved by the correlate advisor.

Physics Correlate with Teaching Emphasis:

Students interested in the Physics courses needed for teaching high school physics after Vassar may complete the following coursework above the introductory level (PHYS 113/PHYS 114 or equivalent). PHYS 200, PHYS 210, PHYS 298 - Lab Apprenticeship (1/2 unit), PHYS 298 - Lab Development (1/2 unit), and PHYS 399 - Senior Independent Work on physics education and curriculum development.

Recommended courses in Physics/Astronomy are ASTR 220, PHYS 240, and PHYS 202/PHYS 203. Students interested in certification for Physics teaching should consult with the Education Department. Additional recommended courses in Education are EDUC 235 and EDUC 392. Consult Cindy Schwarz.