Music Major

Requirements for Concentration:

13 units of graded work, including MUSI 105/MUSI 106, MUSI 205, MUSI 206/MUSI 207/MUSI 208, MUSI 246/MUSI 247/MUSI 248; one of the following: MUSI 210, MUSI 211; one of the following: MUSI 320, MUSI 321, MUSI 322, MUSI 323; 2 additional units from history and theory courses which may include not more than one of the following: MUSI 201, MUSI 202, MUSI 218, MUSI 213, MUSI 214, MUSI 231, MUSI 238; and 1.5 units of performance in the same instrument.

Senior-Year Requirements:

2 units at the 300-level, at least one of them in history or theory. After declaration of major, no work taken NRO may be used to fulfill requirements for concentration.


A reading knowledge of at least one of the following foreign languages: German, French, Italian. German is strongly recommended. Students planning to concentrate in music will normally elect MUSI 105/MUSI 106 and MUSI 206 in the freshman year, and MUSI 246/MUSI 247/MUSI 248 in the sophomore year, continuing into the first semester of the junior year. Majors are encouraged to audition for membership in one of the choral or instrumental ensembles sponsored by the department.