Mathematics Major

Requirements for Concentration:

9 and 1/2 units above the 100-level after completion of MATH 121/MATH 122 or its equivalent (MATH 125 or advanced placement), or MATH 126 and MATH 127. The 9 and 1/2 units must include MATH 220, MATH 221, MATH 301, MATH 321, MATH 361, and two other units at the 300-level.

MATH 361 must be completed by the end of the junior year. It is recommended that a student complete a course in which methods of proof are introduced and developed (one of MATH 231, MATH 261, MATH 263, MATH 324, or MATH 364) before enrolling in MATH 321 or MATH 361. Reading courses and other independent work may be counted among the required units only with prior approval of the chair. Work used to satisfy major requirements may not be taken NRO after declaration of the major and only one course taken NRO may count toward the major. No work at the 300-level for the major may be taken NRO.


Majors are urged to elect at least two units in fields such as the Natural Sciences, Computer Science, or Economics, where applications of mathematics play a key role, and to consider taking MATH 228, and/or MATH 241/MATH 341. A reading knowledge of French, German, or Russian is advised for those contemplating graduate study.

Sequence of Courses for Concentration:

Incoming students will normally elect MATH 121, MATH 126/MATH 127, or MATH 220/MATH 221, but freshman eligible for advanced course placement should confer with the department. Election of advanced courses should be made in consultation with a departmental adviser. Prospective majors in mathematics should complete MATH 121/MATH 122, MATH 125, or MATH 126 and MATH 127 by the end of the freshman year and MATH 220 and MATH 221 by the end of the sophomore year.