German Studies Major

Requirements for Concentration:

10 units: 8 units of German above the introductory level. Students can choose from GERM 210, GERM 211, GERM 230, GERM 239, GERM 240, GERM 260, GERM 269, GERM 270, GERM 301, and GERM 355 . Majors must take all 8 units in German. After declaring a concentration in German Studies, no courses taken under the Non-Recorded Option serve to fulfill the requirements. Students can take a maximum of 2 units approved by the German department in related fields. Upon the approval of the department, a maximum of 2 units from an approved summer program and 4 additional units from other programs abroad can be substituted for the 200-level courses

Senior Year Requirement:

GERM 301 and GERM 355. Students who wish to be considered for departmental honors must complete a thesis (GERM 300).


Junior Year Abroad, study at accredited summer schools or a summer program in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.