French and Francophone Studies Major

Requirements for Concentration:

All courses are conducted in French except French 186, unless otherwise indicated.

11 units in French, or 10 units in French above FREN 106 and an additional unit taken outside the department, chosen in consultation with the major advisor. Two units must be elected at the 300 level from the group FREN 300 or FREN 302- 303, FREN 332, FREN 348, FREN 355, FREN 366, FREN 370 and FREN 380. A maximum of one course taught in English may be counted toward the major. Courses in French taken under the NRO after the declaration of the major will not count toward satisfaction of the major requirements.

Senior-Year Requirements:

Two units at the 300 level. This requirement is distinct from, but may overlap with the 300-level requirement for concentration stated above.

Teaching Certification:

Students who wish to obtain Secondary Certification must complete the program of study outlined by the Education department.

Study Abroad:

Up to 6 units from Study Away and summer courses may be counted toward a major in French and Francophone Studies, with departmental approval.