Film Correlate Sequence

Correlate Sequence in Film

Students pursuing a correlate sequence are required to complete a minimum of six units in Film.

Required Courses: FILM 210 - World Cinema to 1945; FILM 211 - World Cinema After 1945;

4 additional units in Film, including at least one more film history course and one course at the 300 level. One of these 4 units may be an international cinema course taken in another Vassar department, chosen from an approved list. The 300-level courses may include: FILM 310 - Film Authorship, FILM 317 - Introduction to Screenwriting, FILM 320 - Filmmaking I, or FILM 321 - Filmmaking II.

Correlates may not take the following courses to fulfill their correlate sequence: FILM 319 - Screenwriting, FILM 325 - Writing the Short Film, FILM 326 - Documentary Workshop, FILM 327 - Narrative Workshop, FILM 392 - Research Seminar in Film History and Theory, nor any of Film’s Thesis options.
Students are encouraged to declare the correlate in the sophomore year.

Each year the Film Department will provide an updated list of approved courses for the correlate sequence. From this list, students define an appropriate course of study to be approved by the Film Department Chair and the correlate sequence advisor prior to declaration. Additional courses may be approved for the correlate upon petition to the Chair. No Freshman Writing Seminar, Field Work, ungraded work or NRO will count toward the correlate sequence.