Education Major

Requirements for Concentration

To major in educational studies, students must complete 9.5 units:

One educational foundations course designed to introduce students to critical debates about the nature and purposes of U.S. education

One course from Cluster 1: Pedagogy and Learning

One course from Cluster 2: Domestic Issues in Education

One course from Cluster 3: Global Perspectives on Education

Two additional electives

These can be additional courses from one of the three clusters listed above, courses completed through a study abroad program, or courses listed in other departments and programs (see approved course list).

One course designed to develop students' skills in conducting research

Senior Seminar

Senior Capstone

Field Work

Additional Requirements

At least two courses at the 300-level must be completed before a student begins the senior seminar and the senior capstone course. After declaration of the major, all courses taken toward the major must be graded, unless a course is offered only on a pass-fail basis (some of the credits earned through the Vassar programs in Costa Rica and Ireland are ungraded).