Childhood Education Certification

A program leading to the New York State Initial Childhood Education Certificate (grades 1-6) is offered. New York State certifies students for the initial certificate upon recommendation of the teacher certification officer. Such recommendation depends on academic excellence, specified competencies in professional course work, field experiences, and demonstrated fitness for teaching. In addition, students must pass qualifying examinations set by New York State.


The program of study must include the following requirements:

Recommended Sequence of Courses for Childhood Education Certification:

All student teaching candidates must retain an overall GPA of 3.0 and a GPA of 3.2 in the courses leading to certification listed above. NRO work may not be used to satisfy state certification requirements.

The student teaching internship is a five-day/week full time classroom experience in selected local schools during the a-semester.

Freshman year:

Sophomore year:

Junior year:

EDUC 250 - Introduction to Special Education
EDUC 361 - Seminar: Mathematics and Science in the Elementary Curriculum

Senior year:

EDUC 300 - Senior Portfolio: Childhood Education
EDUC 360 - Workshop in Curriculum Development
EDUC 362 - Student Teaching Practicum: Childhood Education