Economics Major

Requirements for Concentration

At least 11 units of graded economics credit that include ECON 102; ECON 200, ECON 201, and ECON 209; and at least three units at the 300-level (excluding ECON 120 and ECON 184). Students may not elect the NRO in any economics course after they have declared their major in Economics. At least 6 units must be taken at Vassar including 2 at the 300-level. Students also must complete at least 1 unit of college level calculus such as MATH 121, or equivalent. Students are strongly encouraged to complete this requirement early in their college careers. Please note that calculus is a prerequisite for ECON 201.

It is strongly recommended that all students intending to spend their junior year abroad take ECON 200, ECON 201, and ECON 209 by the end of their sophomore year.