Japanese Correlate Sequence

Requirements for the Correlate Sequence in Chinese or Japanese

For students starting from the elementary level courses or from 205 or 207, 6 units chosen from among CHIN 107, CHIN 108, CHIN 160, CHIN 207, CHIN 208, CHIN 355, CHIN 360; and among CHIN 105/JAPA 105, CHIN 106/JAPA 106, CHIN 205/JAPA 205, CHIN 206/JAPA 206, CHIN 305/JAPA 305, CHIN 306/JAPA 306 JAPA 306, CHIN 350/JAPA 350, and CHIN 351/JAPA 351; at least 5 units must be taken above the 100-level and two courses must be taken at the 300-level.

For students starting from 206 or 208 and above, at least 4 units must be chosen from among CHIN 206/JAPA 206, CHIN 208, CHIN 305/JAPA 305, CHIN 306/JAPA 306, CHIN 350/JAPA 350, CHIN 351/JAPA 351 or additionally from among CHIN 355, CHIN 360 and 2 units may be chosen from among the literature and culture courses offered by the respective program in the Department.

Junior Year Abroad and summer courses may substitute some of the units but only with prior departmental approval and at least 4 units must be taken at Vassar. Courses available for letter grades must be taken for letter grades.