Chemistry Major

Requirements for Concentration

A total of 12 units of Chemistry or equivalent as approved by the department , to include:

Other required courses:

Additional Information:

Ungraded work does not count towards the 12 required units. No courses required for a concentration in chemistry may be elected as NRO. CHEM 272 may be substituted for a 300-level elective and one 300-level elective must be taken in the senior year. Chemistry courses taken outside of the college require pre-approval from the Department in order to count towards the major.


A reading knowledge of French, German, Russian, or Japanese, and courses in allied sciences. Students who wish to graduate with certification by the American Chemical Society should consult the department. Entering students who plan to concentrate in chemistry are advised to elect both chemistry and mathematics in the freshman year and physics in the freshman or sophomore year.

Teaching Certification:

Students who wish to obtain secondary certification in Chemistry should consult both the Chemistry and Education Departments for appropriate course requirements.
American Chemical Society Certified Degree:

Students who wish to obtain an undergraduate chemistry degree certified by the American Chemical Society should complete the major requirements and elect CHEM 326 and CHEM 272 or CHEM 325.