Chemistry M.A.

Requirements for M.A.

The candidate must satisfy all requirements for the B.A. degree as described above. In addition, 8 units of advanced work are required as follows: 3 to 5 units of 300-level courses; 2 units of 400-level courses; 1 to 3 units will be credited for the thesis, which will be based on a research project normally carried out during the fourth year. CHEM 326, CHEM 342, CHEM 357, or 450, must be included among the advanced courses elected to fulfill the requirements. For students selecting thesis research in biochemistry or an interdisciplinary area, advanced courses in biology, biochemistry, mathematics, and physics may, with the permission of the adviser, be substituted for some of the required courses in chemistry. Further information regarding the thesis may be found in the separate publication, “Graduate Study in Chemistry at Vassar College.” Consult the chair in the department.