Studio Art Major

Requirements for Concentration in Studio Art

13 units; 4 units must be in graded art history courses, consisting of ART 105-ART 106 and two 200-level courses in different groups (A, B, C) listed below; 9 studio units, 7 of which must be graded units taken at Vassar, including ART 102-ART 103; 4 units in 200-level studio courses, of which 2 must be ART 204-ART 205and 2 must be in sequential courses in painting, drawing, printmaking, photography or architecture drawing and design; 3 units in 300-level studio courses including ART 301. By special permission up to 2 units of ART 298 and ART 399 work can be included in the major.

A: Ancient, Medieval, Asian art

B: Italian and Northern Renaissance and baroque art, Renaissance and baroque architecture (ART 270, ART 271), American art (ART 249)

C: Nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century art, American art (ART 251, ART 266), nineteenth century to contemporary architecture (ART 272, ART 273), African art

Senior Year Requirements

ART 301 and 1 additional unit at the 300-level.

Studio Art

Entrance into the studio concentration is determined by evaluation of the student’s class work and by a review of the student’s portfolio by the studio faculty. The portfolio may be submitted for evaluation at any time, ordinarily between the spring of the sophomore year and the spring of the junior year. Students taking studio courses are charged a fee to cover the cost of some materials, and they may be responsible for the purchase of additional materials. Studio majors are required to attend and participate in the majors’ critiques.

Students who wish to concentrate in studio art are advised to take ART 102-ART 103 in their freshman year and at least one additional studio course in the sophomore year in order to have a portfolio of work to be evaluated for admission to the studio art concentration. Those students interested in the studio concentration should consult the studio faculty no later than the end of the sophomore year. NRO work may not be used to satisfy the requirements for the studio concentration. In order to receive credit for courses taken during Junior Year Abroad, students must submit a portfolio of work for review by the studio art faculty.