Studio Art Correlate Sequence

Correlate Sequence in Studio Art

The correlate sequence in Studio Art offers the opportunity to investigate the visual arts through a progression of courses on the one hundred, two hundred, and three hundred level. The correlate is comprised of six units: ART 102-ART 103 (2 units), a full year pre-requisite to the two hundred level courses, will give students a foundation in drawing and visual thinking. At the two hundred level students may elect any three course units including drawing, painting (full year 2 units), sculpture (full year 2 units), printmaking, photography, video, and architectural design. At the three hundred level, one unit of painting, sculpture, computer animation, or architectural design. Senior Project, 301, may be taken (with departmental approval) but not in lieu of a three hundred level course.

Each year, the Art Department will provide an updated list of approved courses for the Studio Art correlate sequence. From this course list, students define an appropriate course of study, which must be approved by the Art Department chair and a Correlate Sequence advisor prior to declaration. Additional courses may be approved for the Correlate Sequence upon petition to the Chair. A maximum of two units of ungraded work may be counted toward the Correlate Sequence.