Anthropology Correlate Sequence

Requirements for a Correlate Sequence

6 units to include 1 unit at the 100-level and 2 units at the 300-level. Courses should be chosen in consultation with an anthropology department adviser in order to a) complement the student’s major and b) form a coherent focus within anthropology. Examples of possible concentrations include: cultural studies, expressive culture, human evolution, archaeology, language and communication. One introductory course taken NRO may count towards the correlate sequence if a letter grade is received. If a student receives a PA for an introductory course taken under the NRO option, that student must complete seven courses for an anthropology correlate sequence. No other required courses for the correlate sequence may be taken NRO. Limit of one course, accepted for the student’s major, will be accepted as an overlap for the correlate sequence.