Written Work and Final Examinations

Normally, in introductory and intermediate courses, some form of written work will be assigned and returned to students by the midpoint of the semester. The instructor may set the due date of final work, excluding final exercises, no later than the last day of the study period. Exceptions to this deadline must be approved by the dean of studies.

Final examinations may be given on both a scheduled and a self-scheduled basis at the option of the instructor. The instructor in each class announces within the first week of the semester what the requirements of the course will be and whether there will be a written examination or another form of evaluating student accomplishment, such as papers or special projects.

If the examination is to be on the regular schedule, it must be taken at the posted time and completed at one sitting. If it is self-scheduled, the student will obtain the examination at the beginning of the period chosen, take it to an assigned room, complete it at one sitting, and return it at the end of the allotted time.

A student fails an examination unless the prescribed procedures are followed or unless the student has been excused from the examination by the appropriate dean. A student who is ill should report to health service which, if it thinks it advisable, will recommend to the dean the need for an incomplete. In cases of an emergency, students should be advised by the Office of the Dean of Studies.

Rules governing conduct in examinations and expected standards of academic integrity are cited annually in theStudent Handbook, and students are responsible for conforming to these expectations.