Withdrawal and Readmission

The student facing a personal emergency which jeopardizes continuance at college should consult the dean of studies, the dean of freshmen, or the class advisers. After appropriate consultation and advice, and upon written request, a student may be voluntarily withdrawn.

A student who seeks readmission after having withdrawn in good standing may reapply to the dean of studies, who will bring the request to the Committee on Readmission. To apply for readmission, a student should write a full letter of application before March 15 of the year of intended fall reentrance, or by December 1 for reentrance in the second semester.

A student whose withdrawal has not been voluntary, or about whose readmission there are special questions, should address any questions to the dean of studies.

The college tries to accommodate the student who wishes to resume interrupted study if it is felt that the student is ready to return.