Ungraded Work

Ungraded work is open to all students who have the appropriate prerequisites subject to limitations imposed by departments on work done in the field of concentration. This work is graded SA (Satisfactory) and UN (Unsatisfactory).

“Satisfactory” work is defined as work at C level or above.

“Unsatisfactory” work will not be credited toward the degree.

Field Work (290), Independent Work (298, 399), and Reading Courses (297) are all considered Ungraded Work. Other courses, including some half-unit courses and many theses/senior projects may be designated as Ungraded as well at the discretion of the department. All Ungraded work is noted in the Schedule of Classes with an SU grade type.

Special Note: Grades of “DS” - Independent Work and Ungraded Theses/Senior Projects may allow for grades of “DS” (Distinction) in addition to “SA” and “UN”, where appropriate and where the department policy indicates.

Ungraded Limit - Students may elect a maximum of 5 units of Ungraded Work. For transfer students, this limit is reduced by 1 unit for each year of advanced standing awarded to the student. This ungraded limit does not apply to any units taken in excess of the 34-unit minimum required for graduation.