Transfer Students

Every year, Vassar accepts transfer students into the freshman (second semester only), sophomore, and junior classes. When the students arrive at the beginning of the semester in which they are to enter the college, they are assigned advisers after consulting with the appropriate person in the Office of the Dean of Studies. Evaluations of the students’ previous work are made as they enter the college. Courses taken at other institutions similar to courses at Vassar will be accepted automatically provided a minimum grade of “C” is earned. Credit earned by means of distance learning is not transferable. Occasionally, some of a student’s previous work will not be acceptable for Vassar credit. In such cases, the Committee on Leaves and Privileges will act as the final arbiter of credit. Students who have taken unusual courses would do well to inquire before admission about any problems that are foreseeable. It is sometimes difficult to anticipate problems in maintaining sequences and continuity between the programs of study at the previous institution and Vassar’s offerings and requirements. Therefore, it is frequently necessary for students to make adjustments of one kind or another after they arrive. All transfer students must take at least one-half of their 34 units, or 17, at Vassar College. Prospective transfer students should particularly notice that at least half of a student’s minimum requirements in the field of concentration must be taken at Vassar.

It may be difficult for junior transfer students to complete the necessary courses for teacher certification in addition to the other degree requirements, especially since practice teaching involves a heavy time commitment in the schoolroom upon placement. Students wishing further information on this subject should consult the chair of the Department of Education.