Post-matriculation Transfer Credit

Students normally matriculate at Vassar in their freshman year. Students who matriculate as freshmen may transfer a maximum 10.0 units of credit including pre-matriculation credits. Students have a range of options for earning post-matriculation transfer credit. They can take work at another institution over the summer, they can go on a Vassar approved JYA program, or they can take a Vassar approved domestic academic leave. In the case of summer work, pre-approval is recommended. In the case of JYA or domestic academic leaves, pre-approval of proposed course work is required and is built into the application process. Students may not take the same course at another institution which they have already received credit for at Vassar.

The procedure for having summer work done at an institution outside of Vassar pre-approved for credit is for the student to complete a Summer Election Away form. This form can be obtained at the Vassar Registrar’s Office. The student must take the form along with an official description of the summer course or program to the chair of the department in which the course would be assigned at Vassar. Both the respective department chair and the student’s adviser must sign the form and return it to the Registrar’s Office. Once the student has completed the course he/she must request that an official transcript of completed course work be sent to the Vassar Registrar’s Office. When the transcript is received, the credit will be applied automatically to the student’s Vassar transcript provided the student achieved a grade of C or better.

Grades will appear on the transcript for all post-matriculation credit whether earned over the summer, on a JYA semester, or on a domestic academic leave of absence. However, they will not be factored into the student’s GPA.