Part-Time Status

Ordinarily, all matriculated students are required to register full time (a minimum of 3.5 units) for eight semesters or until they complete the requirements for their degree, whichever comes first. Part-time status (fewer than 3.5 units, reduced tuition) is reserved for students who, for documented (e.g., medical) reasons, will need to reduce their course load for several semesters. Students who, for documented reasons, require a reduced course load for a single semester may be eligible for full-time under-load status (fewer than 3.5 units, full tuition). All requests for part-time status or full-time under-load status should be submitted to the Committee on Leaves and Privileges, which will evaluate the academic merits of each request. Students considering part-time status who receive financial aid should also consult with the Office of Financial Aid about possible financial implications.