Non-Recorded Option

Courses designated by a department or program as available under the Non-Recorded Option are noted in the Schedule of Classes each semester. Most departments limit the option to nonmajors only. In order to elect the NRO in a designated course, a student must file a NRO form, signed by his or her adviser, with the Office of the Registrar indicating the lowest letter grade the student wishes to have recorded on the permanent record. The deadline for electing a course under the NRO is the last day of the sixth full week of classes. After this deadline, a student may neither change the choice of the NRO nor change the minimum grade elected.

A regular letter grade will be assigned at the end of the course by the instructor, who will, before turning in grades to the registrar, have knowledge of whether the student has elected the NRO, although the instructor will not have knowledge of the minimum grade set by the student. If the grade assigned by the instructor is lower than the student’s elected minimum grade, but is still passing (D or better), a grade of PA is entered on the permanent record. (The grade of PA is permanent; it may not be revoked and the letter grade assigned by the instructor may not be disclosed.) If the letter grade assigned by the instructor is an F, an F is recorded and serves as a letter grade on the student’s permanent record. The election of a course under the NRO counts in the total NRO Vassar work allowed each student, even if a letter grade is received.

Non-Recorded Option Limit - Students may elect a maximum of 4 units of work under the Non-Recorded Option. For transfer students, this limit is reduced by 1 unit for each year of advanced standing awarded to the student.