Graduate Study at Vassar College

A limited program of advanced work leading to the master’s degree is available to qualified students who hold baccalaureate degrees. Graduate programs may currently be taken in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry. The minimum requirements for a master’s degree are one year of resident graduate study and 8 units of work, of which 6 units must be at Vassar or under Vassar’s auspices. Programs must include a minimum of 3 units of graded course work, and may include 300-level courses considered suitable for graduate credit, but must include 2 units of 400-level graded courses designed primarily for graduate students. Departments may require a reading knowledge of one or more relevant foreign languages, a thesis, and written or oral comprehensive examinations, as evidence of the candidate’s proficiency. Requirements differ among departments.

Detailed information concerning admission to candidacy and specific requirements for the degree may be obtained from the chair of the department of interest and from departmental statements.