Standards for Continuance at Vassar College and Graduation

Compliance with the standards of scholarship is expected at Vassar College. Instructors are urged to notify the dean of studies of students whose work falls below the satisfactory level, and the college reserves the right to require a leave of absence or withdrawal for any student whose academic performance falls below its standards. The status of all students with unsatisfactory records is reviewed at the end of each semester by the Committee on Student Records, and this committee may, at its discretion, allow students to continue at the college or require a leave or withdrawal. Students whose work is below C level are placed on probation if they are allowed to continue. Students on probation may expect academic reports to be made to the deans’ offices during the semester of their probation. The committee reviews the records of juniors and seniors with grade averages below C in their areas of concentration and may require changes in concentration, leaves, or withdrawal. A student remains in good academic standing as long as he or she is matriculated at Vassar and is considered by the committee to be making satisfactory progress toward the degree.