General Academic Regulations and Information

Students preregister for each semester’s classes toward the end of the previous semester. Additions in registration are permitted during the add period, which extends through the first ten class days of each semester, and courses may be dropped, provided minimal full-time status is maintained, until the midpoint of each semester. No changes may be made without consultation with the student’s adviser.

The average course load in each student’s program is 4 or 4 1/2 units per semester. Permission from the Committee on Leaves and Privileges is required if the student wishes to take more than 5 or less than 3 1/2 units, with the exception of first-semester freshmen who may, in special circumstances, drop to 3 units with the approval of the dean of freshmen and their pre-major adviser. Students will not be permitted to register for more than 4.5 units during the Preregistration Phase I period. Students can add up to a total of 5.0 units during Preregistration Phase II.

All students in residence are expected to enroll in at least 3 1/2 units each semester, and permission to elect fewer units is granted only in exceptional cases, usually for reasons of health.

Every course elected, including independent work, must be completed even though the course may be in excess of the minimum number of units required for graduation. Students may not drop any semester course after the sixth Friday of the term. When for reasons of health or serious emergency the dean withdraws a student from a course after this date, the notation WD signifying a withdrawal without penalty is recorded in lieu of a grade for the course.