Study Abroad

Appropriately qualified students may study abroad on approved programs under conditions set by the Committee on Leaves and Privileges. Usually, but not always, foreign study is planned for the junior year.

All students interested in foreign study should discuss the possibilities with their departmental advisers, and then submit an application to the committee through the Office of International Programs. Study abroad can be especially valuable for students majoring in foreign languages and literatures, and international studies. It may also complement work in other departments and programs. Students should discuss their program with their academic adviser.

As study abroad generally poses particular challenges for students, the college must require reasonable standards of academic performance of students applying for this privilege. In order to merit consideration by the committee, a student requesting permission to study abroad must have a compelling academic rationale as well as the strong support of the adviser and the department concerned, a good academic record (ordinarily with a recommended Vassar College GPA of 3.2 or better), and the foreign language background specified in Junior Year Away guidelines, usually a minimum of two years of college study.

Information on the policies and procedures (including important deadlines) for petitioning for permission to study abroad is available on the Office of International Programs website. Students wishing to apply for permission to study abroad should familiarize themselves with the Fundamentals of Study Abroad document available online.