Vassar-Wellesley-Wesleyan Program in Bologna

Vassar College, Wellesley College, and Wesleyan University offer a study abroad program at the Università di Bologna in Italy. The program is committed to high academic standards and to providing opportunities for students to develop their knowledge of the Italian language and culture in one of the most venerable and prestigious academic environments in Europe.

Undergraduates wishing to study humanities and social sciences may enroll for the fall or spring semesters or for the full academic year. Students who enroll for the full year or for the spring semester and who have at least an intermediate knowledge of Italian complete two regular university courses at the Università di Bologna, as well as take courses in language and Italian studies offered by the program. Since all courses are offered in Italian, participants must have completed the equivalent of second-year Italian. Those interested in applying should consult with their advisers before making a formal application to the dean of studies, Office of International Programs, Main N-173.