Categories of Ungraded Work

Independent work, field work, and reading courses are treated as ungraded work and may not be taken for letter grades. To elect any of these opportunities for ungraded work, a student needs the permission of an instructor.

INDEPENDENT STUDY. Independent study in any field is intended to give students responsibility and freedom in investigating subjects of special interest to them. It may take a variety of forms, such as independent reading programs, creative projects in the arts, research projects, group tutorials, or additional work attached to specific courses. The categories are:

290 FIELD WORK-Open to students in all classes who have appropriate qualifications.

297 READING COURSES-Reading courses offer an opportunity to pursue a subject through a specified program of unsupervised reading. They make possible intensive investigation of specialized fields in which classroom instruction is not offered, and allow a student to develop the capacity for critical reading. Reading courses are open to all students who have the appropriate requirements as set by departments.

298 INDEPENDENT WORK-Open to students of all classes who have as prerequisite at least one semester of appropriate intermediate work in the field of study proposed.

399 SENIOR INDEPENDENT WORK-Open to students in their senior year plus other qualified students who have taken 200 level independent work in the discipline.