The Advising System

The role of the faculty adviser at Vassar is that of educator rather than overseer. The student is expected to take the initiative in seeking advice from an appropriate adviser. There are three types of advisers: pre-major advisers, assigned to freshmen upon arrival, who advise them until a field of concentration is chosen or until they enter the Independent Program or a multidisciplinary or interdepartmental program; departmental advisers, for those concentrating in a discipline; and advisers for students in the Independent Program or in a multidisciplinary or interdepartmental program.

Advising involves multiple functions. It helps the student discover appropriate individual goals and intentions. It also provides the student with information about alternative programs and modes of study and through special counseling offers appropriate help and guidance. The Office of the Dean of Studies serves to centralize information for advisers as well as students. Students are urged to avail themselves of the services of the Learning, Teaching, and Research Center, the Office of Career Development, the Office of Field Work, the house fellows, the Health Service, the Counseling Service, as well as of faculty advisers.