Online Catalogue

Print vs. Online

Copies of the current print (paper) version of the catalogue are available in the Office of College Relations, Main Building, North Wing, second floor.

The online catalogue is updated as changes are approved. For more information contact the Registrar's Office.


The online version of the catalogue (HTML) is updated throughout the year, particularly just prior to and during pre-registration. Use the online catalogue for the most current course descriptions.

The PDF version of the catalogue is a 'snapshot' of the print version of the catalogue. It is provided as a reference and can be treated as if it were a photocopy of the print version of the catalogue.

Catalogue Statement

All statements contained in this catalogue reflect the approved policies of Vassar College as of January 1, 2006. However, for educational or financial reasons, the College reserves its right to change the provisions, statements, policies, curricula, procedures, regulations, or fees described herein. Such changes will be duly published and distributed.

Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for all information and deadlines contained in this catalogue and in the current Student Handbook. The Student Handbook and the Schedule of Classes supplement the College Catalogue and expand upon college policies and procedures.

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