Victorian Studies Program

Coordinator: Beth Darlington (English); Advisers: Brian Lukacher (Art), Susan Brisman, Beth Darlington, Wendy Graham, Susan Zlotnick (English), Lydia Murdoch (History), Michael Pisani (Music).

The interdepartmental program in Victorian Studies is designed to enable students to combine courses offered in several departments with independent work and, through an interdisciplinary approach, to examine the assumptions, ideas, ideals, institutions, society, and culture of nineteenth-century Britain, a complex society undergoing rapid transition at the height of global power.

Requirements for Concentration: 12 units, courses at all three levels of instruction (100-, 200-, and 300-level), at least 4 courses from the required category of courses, and at least 4 courses at the 300-level, one of which must be the senior thesis. The senior thesis is a long research paper, interdisciplinary in nature, and written under the direction and guidance of two faculty members from two departments. Three of the 12 units for the major may be taken from courses dealing with countries other than Britain (students should see the coordinator for a list of such courses). Study in Britain may be desirable for qualified students.

Requirements for Correlate Sequence: The correlate sequence in Victorian Studies requires six graded units beyond the 100-level from at least two disciplines. History 254, Victorian Britain, must be included in the sequence. In addition a minimum of three units must be selected from the list of required courses and two may be selected from the list of recommended courses. At least one of the six units must be at the 300-level. After declaration of the correlate sequence no courses may be taken NRO for its completion. Students wishing to pursue a correlate should contact the coordinator of the program.

Required Courses

At least 3 units from the following, in two disciplines, plus interdepartmental Victorian Studies 300, Senior Thesis:

English 248 The Age of Romanticism, 1789-1832 (1)

English 249 Victorian Literature: Culture and Anarchy (1)

English 250 Victorian Poets: Eminent, Decadent, and Obscure (1)

English 255 Nineteenth-Century British Novels (1)

English 351 Studies in Nineteenth-Century British Literature (1)

English 352, 353 Romantic Poets (1)

History 121a or b Readings in Modern European History (1)

History 151b British History: James I (1603) to the Great War (1)

History 254a Victorian Britain (1)

History 355a Childhood and Children in Nineteenth-Century Britain (1)


Victorian Studies 300a. Senior Thesis (1 or 2)

Recommended Courses

Art 262a Art and Revolution in Europe 1789-1848 (1) Art 263b Painters of Modern Life: Realism, Impressionism, Symbolism (1)

Art 362a Seminar in Nineteenth-Century Art (1)

Economics 370b History of Economic Thought (1)

English 261 The Literary Revival in Ireland, 1885-1922 (1)

History 255 The British Empire (1)

Philosophy 205 Nineteenth Century Philosophy (1)

Supplemental (Non-British) Courses

For a list of over 30 courses, any three of which may count towards the major, see the coordinator.