Interdepartmental Courses

150a-151b. EMT Training ( 1/2)

This course provides training as required for state certification as an emergency medical technician. The course is taught by state-certified instructors. Students must attend all sessions to qualify for a certificate. The course meets weekly through both semesters, with one or two Saturday sessions each semester. Observation times in the emergency department and with an ambulance are required.

380b. Bibliographical Description/Scholarly Editing (1)

The course offers an overview of the basic principles of bibliography and their application in the field of scholarly editing from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. After surveying the physical characteristics of the book, from paper making to bindings, we discuss other issues such as collation, provenance markings, and the evolution of the book from the beginnings to the modern era. The course covers the basic principles of cataloguing and tools for bibliographical research, from trade and auction catalogues to specialized bibliographies and electronic resources. The second half of the course focuses on the principles and practices in the field of scholarly editing, starting with the transmission of classical texts from the manuscript tradition to the printed book and continuing with the problems surrounding editions of Shakespeare, Proust, and Joyce, among others, with other examples in the fields of historical and musical manuscripts as well as modern authors represented by primary materials in the Vassar College Library. This course is designed in coordination with the Department of Archives and Special Collections. Mr. Giroud.

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

Two 75-minute periods.