Students may elect to do a combined degree program in Anthropology-Sociology.

The Departments of Anthropology and Sociology strongly encourage prospective joint majors to identify related interests within each department’s offerings that can be used in developing a coherent series of classes. Elective coursework in each department can then be used in developing complementary perspectives. Examples include gender, media/cultural representation, and race/ethnicity.

Requirements for Concentration: A total of 16 units in the two fields must be taken, with no more imbalance than 9 in one and 7 in the other.

Anthropology Requirements:

Anthropology 140. Cultural Anthropology (1)

One additional Anthropology 100-level course. (1)

Anthropology 201. Anthropological Theory (1)

Anthropology 301. Senior Seminar (1)

One additional 300-level Anthropology Seminar. (1)

Sociology Requirements:

Sociology 151. Introduction to Sociology (1)

Sociology 247. Modern Social Theory (1)

Sociology 254. Research Methods (1)

Sociology 300a-30lb Senior Thesis. (1)

One additional 300-level Sociology course. (1)

The above requirements total 10 units. The remaining 6 units required for the joint major should be chosen in consultation with the student’s adviser.

Advisers: All members of the Departments of Anthropology and Sociology. A joint major should have one adviser in each department.

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